Better Seed = Better Value

Backyards are not all the same, with different types of habitats affecting which types of birds live in them. For example, a house in the middle of an old stand of woods may see many species of woodpeckers, yet a house in a newly developed, treeless subdivision is not likely to see any woodpeckers at all, but may have plenty of goldfinches coming to visit. And then there are all those yards that fall somewhere in between. Using more than one blend can attract more species. Stop by and let us help you decide which blends are best for your yard.

All of our seed and seed blends:

-are the highest quality on the market.

-are selected specifically for the birds in North Carolina.

-never contain fillers such as milo, wheat, or oats. Birds don't care for these and kick them aside. (Many discount and hardware stores use these undesirable grains to bulk up their bags.)

-are always fresh. Deliveries every week means we don't have seed sitting in a backroom for months.