Mealworms are enjoyed by adult birds and are also fed to baby birds by their parents. Birds in our area that enjoy mealworms include the Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wren, woodpeckers, nuthatches and especially Eastern Bluebirds. Tray and cup feeders with tall lips are best for feeding live or dry mealworms to your wild birds.


Live mealworms are especially good for bird parents to feed their young with. The moisture content of the live insects helps provide the babies with much needed water and nutrients. Dry mealworms are also great for birds of all ages, with a healthy combination of protein and fat.

Live mealworms can be purchased and kept for weeks in the refrigerator at 40 - 50 degrees F. Our live mealworms come in containers with bran flakes are ready to store in your fridge. If you plan to keep your live mealworms for longer than a week, please check in with us for feeding instructions.