Looking for a Cerulean Warbler?

How about a morning out birding? Even a full day out enjoying our local birding hotspots? If so, local birding guide, Simon Thompson or one our expert local birding guides, would be happy to take you out for the birding trip of your choice. Simon is a past owner of the Asheville Wild Birds Unlimited and now runs Ventures Birding Tours on a full-time basis. More information is at www.birdventures.com

Our costs for the day are as follows:

1 person for a half day tour is $150, add $50 for each additional person up to 4. For a full day tour, the costs are $300 for 1 person, add $75 for each additional person up to 4. More information at: http://birdventures.com/CustomTours.html
Delicious locally-sourced picnic lunches featuring local breads, cheeses, pickles and vegetables (depending on the season) are also available at $10 each- please specify if you are vegetarian. You can read more about the lunches at: http://birdventures.com/BlueRidgeBites.html

Visit our Website for much more information!